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DiMarzio DP123BK Model J Bass Set Preto

Modelo 04764
Fabricante DIMARZIO
Preço:   R$519,00
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Round out your bass tone with this pickup set.

The DiMarzio DP123 Replacement Neck & Bridge Pickup Set for Fender J-Bass keeps the crunchy, focused sound of the traditional Fender Jazz Bass tone while boosting gain and response. This additional presence means a bigger sound with improved attack and bite - great for highly articulated playing! The sensitivity and deep tone of these DiMarzio pickups are also the perfect complement to the warm character of fretless basses. Double-stop glissandos and delicate violin-style vibrato speak with a classic, woody voice simply by backing off slightly on the tone controls.

Unlike traditional pickups, these DiMarzio DP123 pickups are individually humbucking. They're not a stack: each coil picks up one pair of strings. By doing it this way they keep the resistance down and the tone clean and clear.